January 12, 2011

Us Plus Baby.

My oh my! We have been keeping a secret for a long time! 11 weeks...long time! We are expecting our first little sweet pea come July. We are so ecstatic and can barely keep the smile off of our faces. We got to hear that sweet little heartbeat last Friday and it was pretty much amazing!That little sound really made this whole experience start to feel real. I can only expect it to become more real in the next couple of weeks when we pass some major milestones. Such as when I start to show (as of today, I just look like I overindulged at Christmas), those awesome little baby kicks, and finding out what this little sprout is. Right now all I can keep wondering if baby is going to be a mini me or a mini version of my love? However, I have to tell you the love we have for this baby already is pretty intense.

Anyways, I am so happy to share this news. We are so excited to welcome this little one to our world. Also, can't wait to introduce you!


Jose Gonzalez/Heartbeats.

(image via: Manimal)


  1. OMG...congratulations!!!! xoxo!

  2. p.s. such a lovely song. such a lovely album

  3. Congrats!!!! That's going to be one stylish baby for sure!


  4. So wonderful! Congratulations!!! xoxo

  5. Ohhh wow, that's fabulous news - congratulations!

    What an exciting year 2011 is going to be...!