October 19, 2010

Big Diff (bobby bonds) Longs For A Lawn Party.

The Diff's dancin' shoes when we said, "I do!"

So, I woke up to such an awesome surprise! One of those surprises that makes your day,  your week, your forever. One of my favorite people in this whole wide world did a blog post and then a little diddy about a lawn party. Well, not just "A" lawn party but this Lawn Party. Can you say "WINNING?"

How could this song about Lawn Party not rock your socks with a verse such as "I never knew that fashion chicks would slam dance to Danzig." WOW!

Take a listen.
Check out Bobby Bonds.

Big Diffy/Lawn Party.

 PS. This kid has got talent. He can write, sing, DANCE and beat any competitor in a handstand contest! No joke!


  1. I know those shoes! Wow I made it on lawn party...yes!

  2. haha! i couldn't remember if that was you or josh who took that. such a goodie. he def knows how to work those shoes.