May 7, 2010

For My Mama.

So, where do I even begin? Wherever I do, it is not going to come out right or even really truly get across what I am trying to say. So, I will start off by saying my mom really is my hero, my inspiration, my best friend. She has taught me how to be myself, how to express myself, the importance of giving and kindness.

However, Lawn Party would not "be" with out her. She has taught be the essence of style. This is dressing for you, your body and to always be classy. I try to always follow these, but tend to have slip ups. Sorry, Mom. She has taught me that you can never have to many pairs of shoes, you can never have to many white button down shirts and that if you like the way something fits, buy it in a few colors. No matter what she always has that "oh so put together" look.

I love, seek out and am inspired by home finds because of this lady. My mom really knows how to make a house feel like a home and to make it beautiful all at once. She has taught me that you can always make something feel new in your house with a can of spray paint. Haha! Last but not least, always have fresh flowers when you are having company.

Happy Mother's day Mom. I love, love, love you!
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1 comment:

  1. She also taught us how to somehow spend $100 in Walgreens, CVS, ect! :)
    love you Mom! You too JuJu!