June 4, 2010


Welcome into a snippet of "what home means to me."
Our home has become "Colorful Colorado." 
Our home is inspired by music. 
Our home would not be a home with out a VW bus parked out back. 
Our home is admiring each other.
Our home is about the peaceful moments.
Our home would not be my home with out that smile.

Our home would not be our home without Ruby.
Lastly...Our home is where we are when we are with family.

I am so so excited to share with you "What Home Means To Me." This is a project that I am so stoked to be apart of! Victoria from sfgirlbybay launched this a few weeks ago and 300 bloggers are getting to share in the fun. Essentially, we have been pinning our favorite things to pin boards on the site Pinterest that houses all of things that inspires us, makes us laugh, or items we just simply can not live without. Above are a few things that are HOME to me.

Check out my pin board for all of my inspiration for this project here. You can follow all of the Pin It Forward boards here. Be sure to check out musings of a melancholic who posted yesterday and  I am so delighted to pass this onto La Belle Vie Girl who will share tomorrow.


  1. I think your thoughts on what home means are just so sweet and lovely. The images make it more personal and give a little look into who you are. Thank you so much for sharing...


  2. Really fantastic, well done. xoxo

  3. let me know when your home is open for guests. ;) xo.

  4. Nice "Dear Prudence" reference.