June 3, 2010

Dior Resort.

Dior went super girly, super early 60's, super chic with the dresses for the resort collection. Would be fun to get dressed up in these and drink martini's whenever you pleased. Oooh, la la!
(Dior Resort 2011 via Style.com)


  1. Hey Jules! I won't be wearing Dior anytime soon, but I just got my Warby Parker's in the mail and they're super chouette! Way better than I expected and guess where I learned of them? LAAAWN PAAARRTY! yessir!
    (we miss you guys, tell Justin we can't wait to see more installation art outta him!)

  2. I love that your home isn't a home without that VW bus! xo, fellow Coloradian (?) and Pin it Forward Group member!

  3. yes, roxanne. we are in boulder. yay for pin it forward!