June 3, 2011

Happy Weekend.

1. I absolutely LOVE all of the colors in this photo.  Brilliant!
2. I picked this photo for today because of the sunny disposition and the friendship bracelets. I feel like it goes perfect for the weekend I have ahead of me.  Tomorrow is my baby shower. I am not really an all eyes on me kinda girl. So, it's not a traditional baby shower, but a get together with all my girls to eat some good food, mingle, and laugh! I am so so lucky to have so many wonderful ladies in my life.

Have a great weekend!

(image via: Oracle Fox)


  1. Love this picture! Yay, friendship bracelets!! Have a fun weekend, Jules!

  2. This picture is awesome and perfect for a Friday post! Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Ah! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy a little attention. We all need some now and again. AMAZING photo. Love, Love, Love it!