April 1, 2011

Bridge & Burn Spring.

Stanton Khaki

This might be the ultimate spring jacket. The right khaki. The right weight for cool spring days.  I mean, can we talk about that collar? Holy moly! I love that collar.

Boys... I am not leaving you out of this. Take a look at these plaid button down short sleeves. They are perfect for some summer time bbq's. Nothing like a beer, some lawn games and a perfect plaid to pull it all together.

Killingsworth Maroon
Sumner Plaid
Killingsworth Teal
Happy weekend, friends! It is supposed to be 75 here tomorrow and I am ecstatic!



  1. cute! love that jacket! 75, awesome--have a great weekend!

  2. So jealous, it is 37 here and snowing! Think of me while you're enjoying the sun!