March 25, 2011

My Style Funk.

I feel quite boring and am feel like I am wearing the same thing every day right now. I feel this always happens to me this time of year. The time when it is officially spring according to the calendar, but not according to the weather man. I get so stuck in the in between seasons. Still kind of chilly, however I am daydreaming about easy breezy dresses and anything kind of shoe that lets my feet breathe.

Also, I am growing my bangs out which might be one of the toughest commitments ever!!! It is seriously exhausting. They are not in a good place and every time I get a glimpse of them, I want to take out the scissors and go Edward Scissorhands on 'em.  

So, all in all I am in a self induced style funk. I am currently blaming it on being 6 months pregnant, but hope once it is full on sunshine and warmth that this will pass. That I will be reinspired to get back to myself. Plus, I always feel that my summer self is my best self.

Anyways, you are probably wondering why I am rambling on about this and of the random street style
image above? Well, this lady is so intriguing to me. Look at that style. Look at all of that creativity. Starting with the purple ombre hair all the way down to the pink kitten heels. She is pulling it off so amazingly and I am inspired by her own personal style.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope something inspires you this weekend!

(image via: The Sartorialist)

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