October 26, 2010

Elbow Patches.

I really really want an elbow patch sweater for the winter. Big and cozy with a touch of prep with the suede patches right there on the elbows. I have a feeling if I buy one I might end up living in it on winter long while I hibernate. What do you think of elbow patches? Yea or Nay???

Here is one I found over at Creatures of Comfort. My fave fave online ( I wish I could buy everthing) dream store Creatures of Comfort has a perfect one by APC. Shocking!

(via here and here)


  1. I totally agree - I don't know what it is but elbow patches are divine!

    I love that caramel coloured sweater...



  2. Oh I love elbow patches too. And knee patches! Patches all around :) xo