September 6, 2010

Les Chiffoniers.

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying this last day of summer. Yes, I know the official last day of summer isn't for another couple of weeks. However, this weekend is always the end in my mind. In Colorado, it could start snowing next week and you have to say good bye to the bikini and hello to layers. I am definitely not one that welcomes the cooler months with open arms!

However, I thought this collection from Les Chiffoniers was the perfect way to say "hello" to fall. I mean if I  were adorned in all of those sparkles day and night it wouldn't be that baaaaad!
(Les Chiffoniers A/W 2010 via Refinery 29)


  1. yes, great way to start it off! i love those sparkles! and awesome styling

  2. Love these images---They're so amazing---I especally love the tux jacket and the glitter full length trousers. I love the length and the heavy hem...Goregeous.

  3. i love those trousers tyrone. part classy, part mc hammer. so good!