February 15, 2011

Marc Jacobs A/W 2011.

"I wanted discipline, severity and fetish." -Marc Jacobs of fall 2011

I was seriously left speechless after viewing this last night!

First of all, let's set the scene. Vinyl padded pillars divided the mirrored runway. The lights went down and music started blasting. MJ song of choice for this show, "Beautiful People," by Marilyn Manson.  I honestly could not think of a more fitting song. Loud, fast, and heavy heavy drums.

Here come the models with a crazy fast pace down the runway. Major props to these ladies, for their electric speed in those pencil skirts that were so fitted that they were almost like straight jackets. This collection definitely can play tricks on the eye. Marc successfully made rubber to look like sequins and  sequins to look like fur. Many dots were also used, whether big or small they definitely made a huge statement. Another standout piece were those berets with the chin straps. This is an accessory that will really make you standout from the crowd.

I have a feeling that these wedge type of galoshes are going to become a very sought after shoe in the fall.

Now, can you understand why i was left speechless? It was a full 360 from the vibrant colors and 70's-esque feel of the spring collection. It is a super dark collection that is twisted and gorgeous all in the same breath.

(images via: Style.com)

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  1. I''m going to be honest but at times I felt overwhelmed by the dots. At times it was to many dots: top, skirt, and tights....AHHH But I did enjoy the 70s feel to it. And I love the use of lace towards the end of the collection. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!