November 30, 2010

Shipley & Halmos S/S 2011.

The other day I was reading an interview with the boys from Shipley & Halmos over at Refinery 29.  ( a really cute must read interview with BFF's of fashion!) However, back to the point...The point being that these lovelies went to the University of Colorado the same time I was there. Nuh-uh, you say? Yes...way!!!  This made me so happy to find out that they bonded over a keg stand in our happy lil' town of Boulder. Awesome! Plus, now amazing clothes are being designed because of this friendship. So winning!

Check out the S/S 2011 collection...

Pretty sure if I could only take one dress to a deserted island with me, it would be that last pretty. Oh boy, I love everything about it.
One more thing... New Order's Power Corruption & Lies had a bit of influence on this collection. I'd like to dance around to this song while wearing some Shipley & Halmos! This line makes me happy, this song makes me happy! Take a listen.

New Order/Age of Consent.


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