September 7, 2010

Happy NYFW!!!

Holy geezy! Can you believe it is already time for NYFW? Can you believe we have not even begun to dive into our fall/winter wears and we will already be taking in all things spring? Well luckily it kind of works out perfect for someone like me. I am much more of a spring/summer lover! So, at least it gets me excited and gives me something to daydream about while starting to pile on the layers.

Anyways, this week is quite bittersweet for me at the moment. I wish I was packing my large suitcase right now instead of writing this post. I wish I was getting ready to see one of my besties in the city and she was going to show off her famous "bitch face." I wish I was getting ready to schelp around from venue to venue to see the looks for next spring in person. I WISH, I WISH, I WISH!!! (Ok...blah, blah, blah! I will stop with the poor me nonsense!)

Anyways, check back to see the latest and greatest for the spring! Also, expect to see all things NYFW on Lawn Party this week!
(via: MBFW)


  1. It is crazy indeed that they start the spring stuff while we're still strutting (what'll be) last years summer stuff! haha
    By the way I figured out why the blog didn't link! hehe
    the link that I get when I click on your profile is this:
    and it tells me that the adress isn't registered and asks me if I want to register that adress

  2. I'm sad too, it isn't Fashion Week without you :( Miss you mucho xoxo

  3. oh kate. please participate in being that girl with outme. x0