May 24, 2010

Stella McCartney.

"Everything in my store and every single garment and accessory that you see is cruelty free, in the sense that no animal has died to make anything in here.  A lot of people out there don’t want products that an animal has had to die for."

Just like most, I love Stella McCartney's flawless designs. I mean I feel you could put on one or her pieces and be done. No fuss, it is what it is! However, I really do admire how she stands behind her firm beliefs when it comes to the environment and animal rights. All of the garments, shoes, accessories she designs/makes are cruelty free. WINNING!!!

Plus, I love this site she has called"Meat Free Monday." If you sign up, each week you will receive a meat free recipe by Linda McCartney, Sir Paul or one of the UK's top chefs. Also WINNING!!!
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