May 19, 2010

Fall for Lauren Moffatt.

So, I just posted about  Lauren Moffatt the other day and how I am in total love of her spring line. Well, well, well... Refinery 29 just posted her fall 2010 lookbook. My oh my!!! It made me so giddy looking at it. I love the girlishness it portrays with a lil' bit of tomboy, but oh so sophisticated. I could not decided on  my fave's. However, make sure you check out all 41 looks. Plus, I love the model used for this lookbook. The clothes seem like they were made just for her. Just lovelty!
(Lauren Moffatt A/W 2010 via


  1. I am in love with this line!! I couldn't help but to 'Color Collect' it, such marvelous colors!

  2. Me too. I love a lot. But my love for this is beyond words!