March 29, 2010


I am not a bike person. I mean..I like bikes. However, I ride my mother -in- laws cruiser from her college days. It's a bit rusty, makes some funny noises, and the seat is terribly uncomfortable. But, since I do not know much about bikes it is my perfect match.  However I do know many people who are gaga over bikes. So, if you are one of those people you should really check out Icarus Frames.They are pretty much amazing!These frames are built my the very talented and super hip Ian Sutton in Boston. So, check him out, tell your friends and if you can not afford a bike right now or are sticking with your rusty cruiser, support him by purchasing a t-shirt or messenger bag.

By the way, that is not Ian, but an equally cool kid that lives in the SF. So, if you see him cruising on his sweet ride, just yell out "cookieboy!"



  1. for a supposed cookieboy that kid looks fit! if i see him rolling 'round SF i might have to yell "cookieboyboy! tonight imma let you be the captain!"

    oh, and them bikes is like whoa.


  2. it looks like maybe cookieboy is the type to be into young ladies, he probably gets them too, with a bike so snazzy. He's prolly all like, "check out mah cool skidstands, wanna t shirt?"